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Exciting Stuffs About 2021 Nigerian Gospel Mixtape

2021 Nigerian Gospel Mixtape Download
Written by Falowo Oludayo


2021 Nigerian Gospel Mixtape Download

2021 Nigerian Gospel Mixtape Download

2021 Nigerian Gospel Mixtape Download

If you have ever bought Aba mixtape, or upper Iweka in Onitsha, or even from Alaba international market in Lagos, you are a fan of Mixtape. If you still want to make your own Mixtape, here is how to go about it now.

A mixtape is a playlist, either just with different songs from different artists, or songs of particular genre but still from different music artists.


DJs are known to make mix tapes they use in clubs, parties, events and any occasion. There are different songs for different occasion. That’s the reason for mix tapes. You want to have particular type of songs to play at certain time or occasion.

For example, you want to have songs you play for your girlfriend or boyfriend. Whatever the case maybe. It might even be songs for yourself when you are happy, or to cheer you up when you are downcast.

A Different Kind Of Gospel Mixtape Download

In this case, I want to limit this Mixtape to just gospel music. Let me help you form important playlist for your Nigerian gospel mixtape. There are actually three song classification in gospel music.

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  • Praise songs
  • Worship songs
  • Thanksgiving songs

While praise and worship can standalone, thanksgiving songs can be either a praise or worship song. However, whether you are thanking God, or praising Him, or even worshipping Him, you are doing the same thing.

But when making a mixtape, you can choose to differentiate the mixtape with these classes of gospel songs.


Picking Nigerian Gospel Mixtape 

Sometimes you want to make a mixtape but you don’t know how to select the right songs or which song should come first. You need to decide which song makes it into your gospel Mixtape.

Imagine you want to make a gospel praise mixtape, and you don’t even know which one is worship, praise or thanksgiving song. Don’t let that stop you. Another way you can do this is by picking the songs that flow with the beats. That’s how DJs do it sometimes too.

Another way to do this is to pick gospel songs based on their message communication to your spirit. What’s the song saying? What does it communicate to you? The most important thing about Nigerian gospel Mixtape is the way the make you feel or act.

How to Make A Gospel Mixtape


Once you have decided to make a gospel mixtape, here’s what next to do. Make a list of songs you already know. You won’t know every song though. But start with the ones you know.

For a gospel mixtape download, you don’t need to compile 32 songs in a roll. It’s best to break them into 10 songs for one Mixtape. It’s easier to come up one message like that and not dilute the impact you want to create with your Mixtape.

What’s Your Nigeria Gospel Mixtape

Now, I’m giving you a chance to fill out your 10 Best Nigerian gospel mixtape below. You start in no particular order. Just put down the songs you would want in your Mixtape.

Draft a sheet with numbering like this and list out your best gospel songs for your mixtape.


1. Mgbomgbo Ekele by St. Greg

Till you get to number 10. Post your list on the comment section and I will respond to it.

My Personal Nigerian Gospel Mixtape

I have picked my own gospel mixtape. Here’s what I have in my list.

1. Mgbomgbo Ekele (thanksgiving) – By St. Greg (ft. Victor Ike)

2. You I Live For – By Moses Bliss

3. Cheta – By Ada

4. Have Your Way – By St Greg (ft. Iyke Onka)

5. Greater Tomorrow – By David Ekene

6. Gone For Life – By Testimony Jaga

7. Omeriwo – By Sammie Okposo

8. Bor Ekom – Mercy Chinwo

9. E Dey Work – Samson

10. Jehovah Daalu – Pat Uwaje-King


I bet you enjoyed my mixtape. If you have compiled your own Mixtape, kindly share your list with us in the comment box. I would like to know what gospel songs made your mixtape list for this year.

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