5 Best Quality Cheap PC Gamepads

5 Best Quality Cheap PC Gamepads

Best Quality Cheap PC Gamepad
Best Quality Cheap PC Gamepad

Here’s a full review of 5 best and quality cheap wireless PC gamepads. If you’re a former PS or Xbox One gamer who turned into a PC gamer, then you’ll definitely find out everything about pc gaming including its gamepad discourse. For those of you who are still trying and almost may still be reluctant to spend a large budget for a gamepad, but you still need it right?

With the large selection of pc gamepads at this time, it is a little difficult to choose, of course you have to choose which gamepad is most suitable for you and the game you will play. Let me help you by reviewing some of the following recommended wireless gamepads.

Best PC Gamepad

1. Matricom G-Pad XYBA
Matricom G-Pad XYBA
Matricom G-Pad is one of the cheap PC gamepads you’ll find on the market. This $300 gamepad can connect to most devices that have a bluetooth connection, including all the latest Samsung Galaxy S series phones, iPhones, tablets and of course on ps3. So you don’t keep buying new batteries, Matricom implements a rechargeable battery system. Matricom G-Pad XYBA is designed to resemble the controller in the PS3.

2. Zhidong N 2.4G
PC gamepad is Rp. 510

best pc wireless gamepad  Zhidong N 2.4G
Zhidong N 2.4G
The next best pc wireless gamepad is Zhidong, maybe you rarely hear this brand but this gamepad is worth considering. Zhidong is compatible with almost all Windows XP /7/8 /8.1/10 operating systems, Android, and PS3 as well as Steam. The price of this thousands who have a Plug and Play system with JD-SWITCH function. Inside there are two vibrating motors of different sizes to convey the effect of vibration and multi-mode xinput / direct input. The gamepad also has an ergonomic design.

3. Xbox 360 Wireless Controllers

Xbox 360 Wireless Controllers
Xbox 360 Wireless Controllers

This Microsoft Xbox gamepad features an impressive ergonomic design from the Xbox 360 pad. With comfortable shoulder buttons that will add quality to the game. The grip of this best PC gamepad, made in such a way as to reduce the possibility of slipping hands. The device has an instant plug-and-play allowance, this gamepad will also work natively with almost all modern PC games. This 400,000-dollar gamepad promises better wireless coverage

4. Logitech Gamepad F710

Logitech Gamepad
Logitech Gamepad F710

Priced at $36, Logitech F710 delivers fast 2.4 ghz wireless connectivity with no lags, interruptions or interruptions. The F710 is very easy to configure and use with your favorite games thanks to xinput/direct input. Logitech’s best cheap wireless PC gamepad can also be connected to the Big Picture.

5. Zhidong ZD-W508X1

Zhidong ZD-W508X1 gamepad
Zhidong ZD-W508X1 Gamepad

Zhidong is not only specially designed for PC, but also for Android OS, Xbox one, Play Station 3 &Steam. ZD has the latest features that gamers expect to resemble plug and play features, jd-switch, as well as two different size vibrating motors that give you a strong vibration effect. This best cheap PC gamepad also carries multi-mode xbox one / xinput / directinput. With ergonomic design Zhidong ZD W dibandrol with a price of about $39

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