Best time to repair and replace a cracked windshield

Best time to repair and replace a cracked windshield

Whether you own a car or a motorbike, you will see that it has a windshield installed in them that serves
a very specific purpose. Though, not all motorbikes have a windshield installed in them. The purpose of
a windshield is to protect the driver against any particle that might cause damage to the driver. Imagine
yourself that you are driving a car without a windshield and some rock is thrown towards you, you could
be severely hurt and injured due to this accident.
Not only that, windshields are also important to protect you against very strong and gusty winds that
might blow towards you when you start to drive. When you are cruising at very high speeds, the winds
blowing towards you can be so strong that they can cause an obstruction in your driving process.
Therefore, like a car is never complete without an engine, a guy can also not be complete without a
functioning windscreen or windshield.
Given that old windshields are made up of glass It is highly likely that they will break at some point in

When should you get your cracked window repaired?
The entire business of windshields happens to be very precarious and sensitive. The real question that
needs to be answered over here is that when should you get your window repaired when you see signs of cracks.

The time is never a question in getting a repair done for your window because as soon as you find visible spots where you can locate cracks then and there you should get a repair done as soon as possible. You should contact your windshield provider to get the service done as soon as possible.

How are windshields repaired?
One might wonder that glass windshields are impossible to be repaired but that is absolutely untrue.
If the crack that is visible in the windshield is not too serious and not too big then usually a lubricant or a
sealant is applied to the crack. This sealant has the potential to fill up the crack that has developed and solidify it after some time. This makes sure that there is no gap anymore and the glass is not weaker anymore.
Another way that a windshield can be repaired is when a resin is injected into the chip area and holes
can be drilled into the cracks to help prevent them from spreading. This is a highly skilled work that can
only be achieved by a professional with years of background experience.
Remember that you should get your windshield repaired as soon as possible because if you continue to
drive your cracked windshield that should have been repaired, it will start to spread throughout the
windshield like whenever you will hit a snag on the road, we’ll drive on a bumpy Rd or make an
aggressive turn. Not only will you lose your windshield but will also threaten your own security.

Covered by auto insurance policy
A lot of the time if you read the auto insurance policy that you had bought when you bought your new
car, you would find that there is a provision where a car owner is liable to receive a refund if he or she
were to get his or her Windshield repaired or replaced.
So, if you have got your car windshield repaired or replaced, you should not miss out on this opportunity and claim your refund as soon as possible but all the documentary evidence that is needed.
A lot of the people do not have proper understanding about the documentation that is needed to be submitted so that they can claim the refund. Therefore, it is highly suggested and recommended that
you should educate yourself about the documentation that is needed for your own auto insurance policy.

Situations for replacement
There are two types of damages that will be catered with different two solutions. If the damage happens
to be not a major one, you can get your windshield repaired. But if you feel like the damage and ask
further assessment of the professional, the damage can be detrimental to the integrity of the glass, you
should get your windshield replaced as soon as possible.
Underneath you will find situations when you should go for a replacement job

1. If the glass of the windshield is tampered but not laminated
2. The crack in the window is longer than a dollar bill
3. The crack that is visible on the windshield or the chip is deep enough that it went more than half
way into the windshield
4. Lastly, the crack or the chip has extended into the outer edges of the windshield

If any of these four conditions have simultaneously, in conjunction, or in isolation have occurred you

should get yourself an auto professional who will make a proper assessment and will get your
windshield replaced as soon as possible.
Beware of all the scams
Whenever you are getting a replacement for your windshield, you need to make sure that the
replacement is according to the technicalities of the car. If the right kind of windshield with the
specifications that are special to the car that you are driving is not installed, not only will this windshield
not last a considerable time and will break very soon but it can also damage the entire frame of your car
that holds the windshield together.
So don’t let the auto professional that you have hired fool you with specifications and details that you
are not aware of.
The best course forward in order to protect your car and yourself from any possible damage in the
future, you have two resources that you can undertake. First of all, you are living in the 21st century and
in the era of the Internet which has an immense source of information and knowledge. So utilized this
source of information and equipped yourself to better gauge what kind of windshield you are looking
for. This process will make sure that you are up to speed about the specification that is needed in the
In conjunction with this step, you should also consult with other auto professionals to get a second
opinion about the windshield. Some might think that just for one windshield, you don’t have to spend
this much time researching. but this is absolutely untrue because windshield directly has an impact on
your safety and the safety of the passengers. You cannot take this safety very lightly.
Once you have taken both of these steps and have been satisfied with the entire process, then only you
should proceed and get your windshield replaced with the specific specifications.
Additional steps to protect against windshield replacement scams
1. You should always select companies that have an ongoing affiliation with auto glass safety
2. Secondly, always ask for what kind of warranty covers the work of the auto professional
3. As recommended before as well, consult other companies and always get a written estimate
from more than one company
4. Never pay any amount in advance or any instalments. As for the contract practice throughout
the industry, all the payment regarding the work should be paid once all of the work has been
completed as notified by the verbal or written contract.

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