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Helen Paul Biography, Net Worth, Age

Helen Paul Biography Career Net worth
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Helen Paul Biography

Helen Paul is a singer, actress and she’s popularly recognized as a comedian, some people also call her Tatafo. Her career started, when she worked as a desk front officer at the Eko remix studios, after this, she was opportune to work as a voice-over artist and as a backup singer, and this paves way for her in the entertainment industry. And today, many see her as their role model.

In addition, Helen Paul is also an entrepreneur, she has a film academy which she called Helen Paul theater, and film Academy, which she started in 2014.

Helen Paul Early Life

Helen Paul was born on the 29th of February 1978, and she was raised single-handedly by her grandmother in Lagos. After the completion of her secondary school education, she obtained a doctorate, master’s degree, and bachelor’s degree in theatre art from the University of Lagos. She completed her bachelor’s degree in 2010, she proceeded for her master’s degree immediately and she completed it in 2012 and topped it up with a doctorate in 2019.

In addition to this, she has also obtained a lot of professionals from different well-known and recognized institutions such as Pan-American University, and the federal radio station of Nigeria.

Early Entertainment Career

Having a strong determination to attain success in life, she worked with Eko FM stations, as a front desk manager. She then furthers her career by working as a voice-over artist and as a backup singer. Today, Helen Paul can be tagged as a successful musician, as she has featured with several professional artists such as Olamide, infinity, P-square, Yinka Davies.

During an interview with her, she made it known that her success in the entertainment industry was a result of the musical collaboration she had with P-square.

There are things that make her notable in the entertainment industry, such as her unique voice.

Helen Paul Personal Life

Helen Paul was gloriously married to Femi Bamisile in 2010, and they have been blessed with wonderful children.


Due to her profession as an actress, she has been opportune to feature in several movies such as

Damage, 2011
The Return of Jenifa, 2011
The Place, 2012
A Wish, 2012
Igboya, 2012
Mama Put,
Osas (Omoge Benin), 2012
Alakada 2, 2014
Akii The Blind, 2014
Abiodun Kogberebe, 2014
When Love Happens, 2014
Life Burial, 2015
Alakada Reloaded, 2017

Helen Paul Net Worth

Helen Paul is currently one of the richest and most influential female comedian in Nigeria, Helen Paul estimated Net Worth as of the time of making this post stalk at $3.5 million dollars. this net worth is calculated according to her various business outlet within and across Nigeria and her numerous endorsement deals


Helen Paul is a renowned Nigerian comedian and actress, her unique voice makes things easy for her.

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