How to Verify PayPal With "VCC" (Virtual Credit Card)

How to Verify PayPal With “VCC” (Virtual Credit Card)

How to Verify PayPal With "VCC" (Virtual Credit Card)

How to verify with VCC for free latest 2021 – Having an account with PayPal seems to be mandatory in this era, many people are starting to use PayPal for their daily needs. This online account function is even able to rival the popularity of bank accounts that have been known as the most popular means of payment.

The manufacturing process is relatively easy, no special requirements are needed so that anyone can have it. To make it simply visit the official website of the PayPal, fill in your personal bio, and enter your email and password. After that you already have a PayPal account that can be used for various types of transactions such as online shopping, online credit buying, and many more.

However, the process that users typically complain about PayPal is at the time of account verification. Many users think that to verify PayPal credit card is needed, for this reason many people are reluctant to create PayPal account. In fact, the verification stage can be done only using VCC. VCC or Virtual Credit Card is a digital form of credit card that can only be used for account verification for PayPal. So, this VCC has no physical form, it only contains the card number that will be needed at the verification stage.

So, how do I verify my PayPal account using VCC? Before reviewing it, first check the advantages obtained if transacting using a verified PayPal account.

Verified PayPal Account Benefits

Here we provide information about the advantages that you can get after verifying your account PayPal, the difference is very striking. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you verify your account immediately.

• There is no minimum withdrawal and remittance limit.

• The average merchant or marketplace only accepts payments using verified PayPal accounts.

• Safer and less prone to problems.

• Last longer.

How to Verify PayPal With Virtual Credit Card (VCC)

In fact, verifying PayPal account with VCC is strongly discouraged as it violates PayPal usage rules. If you have a credit card, you should use it or you can also use the Jenius debit card provided by BTPN bank. The list process is also easy, only with a smartphone and internet.

However, if the situation is urgent you can still use VCC as the solution. But remember, if your PayPal account is hit by a problem such as a limit then VCC can’t help. In contrast to credit cards where we can contact the branch office to ask for card details. Let’s face it, here’s how to verify PayPal with the latest VCC 2021:

1. Open your PayPal account.

2. On the account homepage, please select “Wallet”.

3. Next, click “Connect credit card >”

4. On the next page will appear a form containing your credit card details / VCC. Fill in each box according to the VCC details you have purchased. If you have, click the “Connect Card” button

5. After completing the fourth stage means you have successfully added a credit card to your PayPal account. However, the status of the account has not changed to verified because it takes the next stage of card confirmation.

6. Go back to the “Wallet” menu and the credit card that was added automatically appears. Click the credit card, then click “Confirm your card”.

7. Then you will be redirected to the 4 digit filling page code of VCC which is used to complete the verification process. Please click the “Get A Code” button. After that, you will see a page indicating that the credit card confirmation stage has been completed, you only need to enter a 4-digit code to complete this process.

8. To get the 4 digit code, contact the VCC seller where you purchased. Generally, the code will be notified within 1-5 hours or it can also be less. Once you’ve got the 4-digit code, log back in to your PayPal account and click your credit card. Then click “Enter the code to confirm the card”.

9. Enter the 4 digit code you can in the field provided. If you have, click “Confirm”.

After going through some of the above stages, your PayPal account can be verified. You can freely use it to transact in large quantities though.

The question from the beginning is where does the VCC sell cheap and reliable? There are many websites on the internet that provide VCC with various types, ranging from Visa, Mastercard, validity period of 2 years, 3 years, or even 5 years. However, not all of them offer cheap prices.

Website sell VCC for verification of quality PayPal at an affordable price. VCC that they sell starts from $5 for Mastercard type duration of 2 years, and VCC with Visa type for $5.49 which has an active period of up to 5 years. For 4-digit delivery the code is instant, so you don’t have to wait long. For those of you who don’t understand about PayPal, we’ll help you verify your account. What are you waiting for? Please order our services.

Thus the discussion on how to verify PayPal with the latest credit card 2021, hopefully can help you and provide new information.

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