The Power of Real-Time Marketing in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

The Power of Real-Time Marketing in Your Digital Marketing Strategy
The Power of Real-Time Marketing in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

As news cycles get shorter and shorter with consumers often exposed to cluttered content, using Real-time Marketing in your business strategy is undoubtedly one of the best and most effective ways to attract your audience’s interest in your brand.

You can invest in it to increase your website traffic or to increase sales of your product. To ensure success through its use, your messages must be intelligent, targeted, singled out, and get your audience’s attention within a short period of time. Does that sound complicated? Let’s find out!

What Is Real Time Marketing?

The use of Real time marketing is based on current events. Its use has gained considerable popularity in the modern environment with the help of social media.

Through this, companies react quickly to local, national or global trends and events happening online or offline, in an effort to adapt traditional marketing tactics in direct Interaction with their consumer audience on different Social Media channels.

What’s the use of it?Real time Market tactics in your online strategy enables you to tailor your message to a specific context and allows you to directly target your audience at the right time. In addition, according to research, it boosts customer engagement by 76% as brands have the potential to target an audience that has already expressed an interest in the brand. At the same time, it provides users with personalized content, where most of them seek out their purchases. Its use is one of the most cost-effective methods providing immediate results to the companies that adopt it.

Ways to Apply

Understand your audience, Once you’ve gathered relevant information about your audience, you can easily identify the types of messages they respond to and customize strategies to provide real-time solutions to their queries.

Customize an Inbound communication plan
Today, consumer travel consists of a multitude of contact points and channels. Based on a survey, 80% of internet users use smartphones with 70% of online traffic coming from mobile devices. This means that your audience is seeking direct communication where they answer their on-the-go search questions. Therefore, you should adjust the interaction to the public accordingly through the adoption of an Inbound communication plan thus contributing to the formation of relationships and emotional connection with it.

Invest in Using Push Notifications
One of the most effective ways to implement real-time marketing is to use push notifications to encourage your customers to make purchases for a product they have already expressed interest in. In addition, the provision of discounts and offers for related customer products play a key role in increasing conversion rates.

Real time Marketing via Social Media

Using Real-time Marketing through Social Media includes promoting your brand through events, answering your customers’ questions, and creating content based on the latest customer trends. For example, providing a 15% discount on your hotel accommodation to those users who have just landed in the country through the use of hashtags #greece their stories.

The strategic move of the company was hugely accepted by the public, especially in this day and age when the transparency of a company is considered important, Asos not only admitted its mistake but managed to turn the event from a mistake into thousands of dollars of free publicity.

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