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(Series Download) Charmed: Season 1 Episode 3 [MP4]

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Written by Falowo Oludayo

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(Series Download) Charmed: Season 1

Charmed Season 1 Episode 3 Download

With the instruction of Harry, the sisters are put through witch lessons, so they are able to properly practice their magic. However, when Macy learns of a mysterious death in her lab from Galvin, she informs her sisters and together, they devise a plan to suss out the demon. Trying to speed the plan along, Mel uses her magic irresponsibly leaving Harry no choice but to constrain her, which creates tension between them. Meanwhile, Maggie continues to struggle at balancing her two worlds – her sorority one and her witch one – especially after she volunteers to throw a Halloween party at her house.

Charmed Season 1, Episode 3 – Sweet Tooth

Airdate: Oct 28, 2018

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